National Higher Polytechnic Institute

Created by Decree nº 2017/582 of 24 November 2017 as an establishment of The University of Bamenda. Decree nº 2017/581 of 24 November 2017 lays down the administrative and academic organisation of the Institute and provides for the creation of departments by Order of the Minister of Higher Education to meet the socio-economic needs of Cameroon. NAHPI aims to become a leading institute for hands-on training in engineering disciplines, excelling in research and providing engineering solutions to development problems of Cameroon, Africa and the world

Mission Statement

Nahpi is created to do the following: Provide initial and continuous training as well as research in the fields of engineering and technology. Carry out the retraining and further training of professionals in the aforementioned fields. Provide development support, particularly through service provision and sustainable development management
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