Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science was created in 2010. The pedagogic approach which is that of teaching and learning of the Faculty is dynamic. Our graduates are expected to develop skills in the domain of teaching and research. This performance is assessed continuously at all levels through didactic and interactive lectures, tutorials and practicals, field work and research projects. During the course of the studies, our students must develop personal skills to participate in all aspects of learning while maintaining good moral standards and must earn at least 180, 120 and 180 credits to qualify for the Award of Degree qualify for the according to Bachelor, Master and Doctorate (BMD) system respectively. Lecturers and all other stake holders in the training process must: demonstrate professionalism and competencies to skillfully transfer knowledge to the students; develop professional competences in specific fields; provide current and relevant scientific information from local, national and international sources to the students; incorporate new learning tools and cutting edge knowledge in specific fields; create and manage a conductive teaching and learning atmosphere.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Faculty of Science of the University of Bamenda for undergraduate studies is to prepare students to be more creative and competitive in various aspects of science. This can be achieved through competitiveness, innovation, creativity and moral education. The general aims of the academic programmes of the faculty are to ensure that students: acquire basic scientific knowledge; contribute to innovations in various domains of science; acquire creative leadership and entrepreneurial skills; develop a spirit of research particularly adapted to the local environment; contribute to the improvement of the living standards of the population by proposing solutions to local problems