Vision: With the increase need for transportation of people and goods by air, this department is designed primarily for students who are interested in the analysis, design, and operation of aircraft and space vehicles. It equally considers training given to ensure the comfort of customer’s in these aircrafts. The aim of the department of air transports is to give students the theoretical knowledge and practical skills they need to be to be competent engineers and hostesses who can meet the needs of the aircraft companies especially those of Cameroon. Mission: The mission of this Department is to produce competent professionals in air transport in an adequate number and quality, to solve practical problems which are related to air transport and to ensure the availability and reliability, the operation and maintenance of aircrafts. To train flight attendants who can ensure the comfort of passengers in the airplane. At the level of undergraduate studies, the Degree offered is a Bachelor’s Degree in Air Transport and Logistics with an option in any of the following specialisations: • Flight operation officer or flight dispatcher; • Aircraft maintenance technician/engineer/mechanic • Flight attendant • Aviation security • Air cargo operation