The mission of the department of Zoology is to prepare students to be more creative and competitive in various aspects of science. This can be achieved through competitiveness, innovation, creativity and moral education. The Department has a mission to train zoologists with a modern view of the living world and industry. The general aims of the academic programs of the Department are to ensure that students: acquired basic scientific knowledge; contribute to innovations in various domains of science; acquired creative leadership and entrepreneurial skills; develop a spirit of research particularly adapted to the local environment and contribute to the improvement of the living standards of the population by proposing solutions to local problems. The Department provides theoretical and practical training for observation of, and experimentation with living systems, particularly giving a professional approach to the options. Practical experience will be developed on the field, industrial settings and laboratories. Attention is paid particularly to the applications of applied aspects molecular concepts to human and veterinary medicine, agriculture, environmental protection, service industries and biotechnology. The Department of Zoology was established in 2022 with an aim to provide education to students and contribute for the development of Animal Sciences and Zoological studies. The Department places emphasis on laboratory component in the teaching curriculum and research prospects. The Department has highly qualified experience and dedicated staff with average teaching experience of more than three years. The Departmental laboratory is having equipment such as Compound microscope, centrifuge, a refrigerator etc A gradual degree zoology opens a vast range of career opportunities in the field such as teaching and research, industries (food and Textile), agriculture, livestock production, environment and also self-employ. The career opportunities for postgraduate in zoology are limitless. Some of the employment areas which provide huge opening for M.Sc. zoology candidates are public health, biological, genetic and agricultural research, Conservation and environmental biology, wildlife biology, wildlife rehabilitation, animal physiologist, animal scientist, pharmaceutical industry and so non. In addition, there are numerous opportunities in the field of research in Cameroon and abroad.