Set against a scenic local landscape of volcanic landforms, the Department of Geology, Mining and Environmental Science offers a natural appeal to anyone who loves the outdoors. The program is designed to provide students with a knowledge base that finds direct applications in various spheres of human endeavor. A strong practical component is inbuilt in the program such that upon graduation the students have relevant technical skills that give them an edge in the job market. The objective of the training offered is to satisfy the manpower needs in industries, research institutes and the teaching field. Its unique location makes it a natural laboratory for the study of volcanoes and crater lakes such as Lake Nyos. With the emerging mining sector, the expansion of the petroleum industry, an ever-increasing need for good quality water sources and the urge to unravel the history of the earth written and preserved in the rocks all around us, the department aims at producing man power to serve these sectors. This keen interest in examining metals and industrial mineral potentials will render this degree program unique in the country and sub region. The department of Geology, Mining and Environmental Science is structured to offer training to prospective students both at the undergraduate and post graduate levels. Training is offered in the form of regular lectures, tutorials, laboratory practice, field schools and internships. At the undergraduate level, we run two three years Bachelors of Science degree programmes in Geology and Environmental Science. In addition, each student has a variety of elective courses in other Departments from which they can choose but the structure of our programme doesn’t permit for minors. At the Post Graduate levels, the Department offers a two years Professional Masters Programme in Environmental Science . The department also offers a two years Master of Science degree in Geoscience A three years PhD programme is offered in Applied Geology The PhD programme in Geology, Mining and Emvironmental Science runs for a minimum of three years and a maximum of 05 years. The training is strengthened by laboratory practice. Internships and field schools are also integral parts of the training.