The Department seeks primarily to impart knowledge, long lasting learning and problem solving skills to its students in Computer Engineering. It seeks to generate new knowledge and to apply both existing and the new knowledge to solve challenging problems in the future and therefore improving the quality of life of people. The CEN Department seeks to develop and prepare professionals to lead productive lives at the cutting edge of Computer Engineering. It also seeks to produce well educated individuals grounded in the fundamental concepts of hardware and hardware engineering The purpose of the undergraduate course is to educate students with emphasis on the creation of appropriate infrastructure, so that they are able to adapt to the constantly changing field of scientific and technological evolution. Also, it develops the skills for responding to the rapid changes in exercise of the profession of Engineer of Electronic Computer Systems. In particular, the undergraduate program in the Department of Computer Engineering promotes: • The acquisition of basic knowledge and expertise in computer science to meet the professional challenges and adapt to the constantly changing field of scientific and technological developments. • The development of necessary skills of Computer Engineering on the analysis, design, development, implementation and maintenance in various professional fields of computer systems. • The development of the analytical and synthetic capacity of the students to meet the challenges of their specialty. • The preparation of students for professional careers in industry, IT companies, education, public sector organizations. • Design, construction, maintenance, and supervision Computer systems operation. • Management of telecommunication and information systems and systems for processing, storing, retrieving and transmitting information in any form. • Development and maintenance of software systems with applications in Telematics, Medicine and Multimedia. • Implement training programs in information technology, telecommunication systems and networks. • Applied Research on Information Technologies and Communications. Core General Competencies for all the options in the Computer Engineering Department (CEN) program are divided into two groups - general and technical competencies. Core General Competencies include the following knowledge, skills and abilities: Analysis & Problem Solving Skills • Information Gathering • Efficiency • Systematic Thinking • Thoroughness • Creativity • Learning by Doing • Analysis of Alternatives (cost/benefit) Interpersonal Skills • Collaboration & Team Building • Leadership • Writing • Speaking • Listening • Managing Change & Uncertainty Management Skills • Project Management • Risk Management • User Orientation • Decision-Making Specific Competencies in Software Engineering No matter the industry, top graduates often possess core competencies, in addition to strong programming skills and a degree in software engineering; the graduate is characterized by his ability to: • Continually bring fresh ideas to the table • be versatile and enjoy a fast-paced environment • Have strong leadership qualities • Be a savvy problem solver • Be a lover of technology • Be naturally curious and a lifelong learner • Employ strong analysis skills