The mission of the Department is to add value to food and other agro-industrial products through the application of engineering science and technology. It also has as mission to improve human health through nutrition. This will be achieved by the dissemination of knowledge in nutrition, science and technology of foods and other bioresources, and research and outreach. The Department of Nutrition Food and Bioresource Technology seeks to train candidates who will gain specialized knowledge and expertise in the area of Food science, Food technology, Food Engineering, Human Nutrition, Food Safety, Food service management, Dietetics, sports nutrition and other specialities in Bio-resource Technology. The training programs aim at producing competent leaders equipped with theoretical, practical, technological, research competences coupled with innovative and business skills. The objectives of the postgraduate program are, in addition, to train researchers, academicians as well as development officers capable of taking up high level jobs both in the academic and professional milieu for a meaningful transformation of the agro- industrial and health sector. Graduates shall be individuals with sound analytical, practical and innovative skills capable of not only gaining employment in Food industry, teaching and research institutions but shall be capable of setting up and managing different units of the food industrial sector, international organisations or pursuing research careers in the domain.