The Department’s mission is to: • Teach students the science underlying crop productivity and soil fertility • Train them on how to interpret the science into the art (the practices) of crop production and soil fertility maintenance. The primary aim of crop production is to ensure a sustainable ample supply of plant material for optimum food and biomass security for Cameroon. This entails training students on techniques of crop species identification, crop propagation techniques, how to establish efficient and profitable cropping systems and the techniques of improving as well as introducing new crops cultivars for a sustainable and highly diversified food and biomass economy. Mindful of the reality that crops inevitably need soil for growth and development, the department cannot neglect teaching students the maintenance and improvement of soil fertility as basis for sustainable crops production. Finally, students are also trained on how to carry out quantitative and qualitative yield analysis for quality assurances to diverse end users of their products. The key objective of the department is to train realistic intellectuals who are curious, methodical, rational, analytical, and logical about everything concerning plants and soils and their interactions to determine crop growth and development. Through these students are trained to select and breed high yielding crops and adapt them to diverse agro-ecologies of Cameroon, climate change impacts, large scale production techniques and to the demands of modern transformation technologies. Through such training and outreach, the department is capable of assisting crop farmers in optimizing yields and profit in crop farm business initiatives, as well as in mixed farming ventures. With a fleet of home trained as well as foreign trained lecturers ranging from soil scientist, agronomist, biostatisticians, plant physiologist, plant breeders, farm technicians and Agri-business experts, the department of crop production is well armed to give the students the training in accordance with its mission and vision. The Department of Crop Production Technology offer students the opportunity to obtain the Bachelors of Science degree at undergraduate level and the masters of agronomy degree and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree at post graduate level.