The mission of the Department is to provide a serene learning environment in which students will be train to develop skills that will enable them manage the new developing trends in Agribusiness both nationally and internationally. The Department of Agribusiness Technology seeks to train candidates who will gain specialised knowledge and expertise in Agricultural project Analysis and Management and Agricultural Marketing Technology to match the needs of the emerging markets and technology. This shall be attained through theoretical and professional training, as well as research in the professional world. In order to produce ethically, morally and intellectually apt graduates who shall respond to the changing needs of the professional world and to meet the emerging market demands with changing technology, the department of Agribusiness Technology aims at creating awareness of changing consumer preference and introduce the students to the appropriate tools and analytical procedures to better analyse and handle different situation, for sustainability and emergence. Present Training program permits students to specialize in any of the following areas: Agro-Project analysis and management technology or Agro-Project marketing Technology. Graduates of Agribusiness technology, Agribusiness Project Management and Agribusiness Marketing Management can become Entrepreneurs, Farm Managers, Project Managers, Marketing Experts, Supply Chain Experts, Producers and Marketers of Agricultural Produce, Managers of Cooperatives, Importers and Exporters of Agricultural Produce, Credit/Loan Officers, Experts in Quality Assurance, Experts in Agricultural Ministries, lecturers and public Office workers, Experts in Food and Agricultural Industries and many others.