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Journal of Economics and Management Sciences (JEMS)

  • The Journal of Economics and Management Sciences (JEMS) is headed by an Editorial Board (EB) consisting of a Chief Editor (CE), Advisory Editors (AE) and Reviewers or Editors (RE) of high competencies in the area of the manuscript submitted for evaluation. The primary concern of EB is to ensure that every paper published in JEMS contributes significantly to broaden scientific knowledge within the scope of the journal.
    JEMS is a journal published in English language only at a frequency of 2 issues per year (June and December). The journal accepts original full length research articles, short communications, and reviews on issues relating to Economics and Management Sciences. Full length research articles shall not exceed the maximum of 20 pages including references, tables, graphs, and appendices. Short communications shall not exceed the maximum length of 8 pages including references, tables, graphs, and appendices. Reviews shall not exceed the maximum length of 12 pages including references.
    Manuscript Submission
    Manuscripts shall be typed on A4 paper with double line spacing, font size 11 and Times New Roman. A manuscript submitted to JEMS for publication shall in no way be under consideration elsewhere or previously published in any form elsewhere. The submission of the manuscript shall be accompanied by the following documents:
    -A cover letter to the Editor of JEMS, entitled: Cover Letter.
    -A cover page with the title of paper, affiliation(s), email addresses and telephone numbers of Author(s), entitled: Cover Page (EB shall only communicate with the correspondence author), except on specific circumstances.
    -Main manuscript without any trace of the names and affiliation(s) of authors starting with the title, followed by the abstract and key six words immediately beneath the abstract, in which no table or figure shall feature but the appropriate position of each indicated by the mention [Insert Table 1 or Figure 1 here] in boldface, and entitled: Main Manuscript.
    -A collection of tables and figures presented in the main manuscript in a single document, entitled: Tables and Figures.
    The English language accepted in JEMS publications is British English spelling only, except for quoted or referred sources. For sources quoted from the web, the website and the complete date of access of the information shall be indicated.
    All articles submitted for publication in JEMS are reviewed by 3 experts in the area of the subject matter of the submission on recommendation of CE. Upon receipt of the manuscript CE screens the paper against meeting the editorial policy requirements and its subject matter as per the scope of the journal before assigning a reference number to it and sending it out for review or evaluation to reviewers. After assigning a reference number to the manuscript, the corresponding author shall be notified within 72 hours. Acceptance of the paper for publication is based on favourable reports from at least 2 of the 3 reviewers. The review exercise shall take between 4 and 8 weeks to complete after which a notification is sent to the corresponding author on the status of the paper. When the review exercise is complete, the manuscript is returned to JEMS for decision making to either accept the paper or give the author(s) the opportunity to revise it based on reviewers’ comments or to reject it based on the criticisms advanced by reviewers and CE. When a final decision on a manuscript is reached, CE sends the decision letter and reviewers’ comments to the corresponding author for reaction. After compliance with the requirements of the decision letter, the revised manuscript is evaluated again to establish if the observations raised in the review exercise have been satisfactorily addressed and answered by the author(s). Following this evaluation, the manuscript may be accepted, returned for further revision, or rejected. If the submission is accepted, the paper is configured in JEMS publication format and sent to the corresponding author for proofreading and resubmission for slotting in the next available issue for publication. At this stage of the review process, the corresponding author shall be notified by email on the date of publication of the paper. In subsequent correspondences of the author with CE, the assigned reference number shall always be quoted. Authors are strongly advised to comply with and follow meticulously the Editorial Policy (EP) guidelines before submitting their manuscripts.
    After publication of the paper, the corresponding author shall receive 2 hard copies and 1PDF copy of the issue in which the article is published. As a result, authors shall be requested to pay a handling fee of US$200 (Two Hundred US Dollars) for international contributors and 100000 FCFA for national contributors. The handling fee can be reviewed at the discretion of CE. However, the fee covers the cost of printing, forwarding and posting by surface mail of the copies of the journal to the corresponding author. Articles for evaluation and possible publication in JEMS shall be sent in MS Word only as attachment to the following address: or
    Subscription for a copy of JEMS publication is as follows. Institutions in Cameroon shall pay 30000 FCFA per annum. Institutions abroad shall pay US$100 per annum. Amounts paid cover the costs of the journal and postage by surface mail. For subscription, request shall be addressed to:
    The Chief Editor,
    Journal of Economics and Management Sciences (JEMS)
    Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences (FEMS)
    The University of Bamenda
    Box 39, Bambili, Cameroon
    Email: or