University of Bamenda

COLTECH Directorate

The Director of COLTECH: Prof. Mathias Fru Fonteh, PhD

  • The mission of COLTECH is:

    - To improve the quality of the current undergraduate training, develop new programmes and develop postgraduate programmes that meet demands of the public and job market.

    - To use improved methods to impart knowledge, long lasting learning and problem-solving skills in students to guarantee competent graduates for a variety of competitive careers.

    - To add value through the application of technology, development and dissemination of knowledge in teaching, applied research and outreach.

    - To improve the visibility of COLTECH within and without UBa through the activities of the students and staff (individually and collectively).

    - To use “Technovation” in demand driven research activities for sustainable development as well as solve challenging developmental problems and improve socio-economic growth of communities in the country (student and field research)

    - To improve income generating activities through additional activities including consultancies, outreach, projects / grants, crop and animal production farms, incubators,