University of Bamenda


  • The Bachelor of Technology in any of the programs runs for a period of four years (eight semesters) and involves lectures, practicals, internship training, tutorials, field visits and a project written and submitted for examination in the eighth semester. The program structure is summarized in Table.

Distribution of credit hours within the program

Year Semester 1 Semester 2 Internship/Project
1 20 38 2
2 30 27 3
3 30 25 5
4 30 0 30
Total 120 80 40

  • Given the professional orientation of the first degree program, it will run a total of 240 credits. 150 credits are allocated for class work whilst 90 credits are on practical and professional work. The professional internship covers a total period of one year spread throughout the program as indicated in table.

Program for internships

Year Name of Internship Duration (months)
First year Industrial Attachment 1
Second Year Short-term internship 2
Third Year Longer term internship 3
Fourth Year Professional internship and project 6