University of Bamenda
Prof. Aziwo T. Niba
Head of Department

Undergraduate Program

  • Name of program: Animal Production Technology
    Description/ Objectives / Information of the program:
    The aim of the Department of Animal production Technology is to promote the development and dissemination of knowledge concerning the science and technology of animal production through teaching and applied research. This teaching and research will emphasize the application of technology to modern methods of animal husbandry, nutrition, breeding, reproduction, welfare and health of farmed animals and non-conventional livestock species. This Program will produce graduates who should be able to efficiently and effectively plan and manage activities on a farm and livestock businesses; do actual livestock production; manage, analyse, interpret and report farm animal data; develop, adapt and evaluate animal production technologies to suit local needs; assist farmers achieve better efficiency and results in their livestock business settings; instruct and assist farmers in modern farming technologies; develop inter- and intra- farm products quality control systems; instruct and assist farmers and private sectors improve and add value to their animal products; and be conversant with modern technologies for use in high level livestock production
    Qualification offered:
    Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) in Animal Production Technology
    Program duration:
    4 years
    Admission requirements:
    GCE A/L or BAC- C or D