University of Bamenda
Dr. Ngwa Martin Ngwabie
Head of Department

Undergraduate Program

  • Name of program: Agricultural and Environmental Engineering:
    With a possibility of specializing in either:
    Agricultural Engineering or Environmental Engineering.
    Description/ Objectives / Information of the program:

    In consonance with the realization of national needs and aspirations (industrial development and technological emancipation), the aim and objectives of the Agricultural and Environmental Engineering training are to meet these needs and to provide graduates with sufficient academic background and practical experience.
    The aim of the Degree Program in Agricultural and Environmental Engineering is to provide skills and knowledge that will enable graduates to apply and adapt engineering technology to solve agricultural and environmental problems. Graduates are also expected to be self-employed.
    The objectives of the Agricultural and Environmental Engineering Programs are to:
    • Train competent professionals in Agricultural and Environmental Engineering in adequate number and quality

    • Provide innovative solutions to Agricultural and Environmental Engineering related problems

    • Increase knowledge by carrying out basic, applied and adaptive research

    • Increase or protect agricultural production by providing suitable environment for growth, harvesting, processing, transportation and storage

    • Maintain or change the natural characteristics of biological products for a particular use

    • Improve integrated waste management

    • Reduce the physical drudgery and provide desirable amenities for agricultural workers
    Qualification offered:
    Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) in Agricultural and Environmental Engineering (Option: Either Agricultural Engineering or Environmental Engineering)
    Program duration:
    4 years
    Skills to be acquired:
    Admission requirements: GCE A/L or BAC- C or D