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Professor Nguendjio Emile retires grandiosely.

Retirement of an Icon.

“If you were to ask my opinion, I will say that this is a commendable exercise which must live on. Academics must learn to take care of their own. Congratulations once more Professor for a job well done”. Those are the word of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Bamenda, Professor Therese Nkuo-Akenji , Friday May 4, 2021 at the Amphi theatre 340 during the ceremony organized by the staff and students of Higher Teacher Training College (H.T.T.C) UBa to send-off Professor Nguendjio Emile Gille on retirement. She congratulated the man who has served the institutions for the past 30 years. 
It was an event that witnessed the presence of present and ex-students of the Professor who since 1990 has dedicated himself to fulfill the mission of the University of Bamenda and its precursor, which is to teach, research and reach out to the community according to the Director of Higher Teacher’s Training College, Professor Tita Migarette. “We are celebrating 30 years of meritorious service by one of us in the person of Professor Nguendjio Emile Gille. A man who has served as Dean of Studies at ENSAB before the University was created till 2015 when he was appointed as Head of Department of Bilingual Letters. A very good man, a very collaborative man, a very devoted teacher, one inbuilt with a lot of knowledge. He meant a lot to the department”, said Professor Tita Migarette.

    It was an event of testimonies upon testimonies about the man described by the HRH Fon Afungchwi III of Bambili as a man who carries the spirit of a unifier as both the French and English speaking students celebrated him with no boundaries. “What will people say about you celebrating him when you will be like him? You should be his footprint. Whatever you want to do, think about him and you will do it, in the right way. He is a man that teaches a subject that deals with culture, that explains why, I and the Fon of Bambui decorated him with the traditional attire”, added the Fon.
According to one of his junior colleagues Mrs. Tiebuo Benedette, she is dreaming of becoming like him one day. A man that she considers as a father. “It is with joy that we are celebrating the retirement of Professor Nguendjio Emile Gille who was to me since 2012 when I was recruited into the University not only H.O.D but a father. He received me like a father will receive his or her own child. He helps me in times of challenges and I will use this opportunity to say 100% thank you to him for all he has done for me especially”, rejoiced Mrs. Tiebuo Benedette.

    Celebrating Professor Nguendjio Emile Gille retirement barely two days to his birthday, the students decided to celebrate his birthday with him. Professor Nguendjio says he cannot say who he is as he listened to testimonies about and doubts if he is really the one.” But it is who I am. In the University system, you don’t leave as if you are leaving your house to go forever. One foot is in and the other out. With my experience, I will hand it to many before I finally go”, he said. The event was graced by the UBa choir as their melodies transformed the hall with emotions.

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