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Launching of Admissions into the Postgraduate Programmes of the Faculties and Schoos of UBa for 2020/2021 Academic Year



The Vice Chancellor of The University of Bamenda informs the general public that application for admissions into the Postgraduate programmes of the Faculties of Arts, Sciences, Education, Economic & Management Sciences, Law & Political Science, Health Sciences, Higher Institute of Transport & Logistics, Higher Institute of Commerce & Management and the College of Technology for the 2020/2021 Academic Year are now available online at The University of Bamenda website at UBa Student Online Application and for National Higher Polytechnic Institute at NAHPI - UBa Online Application.


Candidates seeking admissions into any of the above postgraduate programmes can find detailed information about the specific programmes, specialization, minimum entry requirements and tuition fees by clicking on either of the 2 links that appear above.

The closing date for the submission of the online application form for all the postgraduate programmes in on 30th December, 2020 and this date will not be extended.



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