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2020 Women’s Day celebration: UBa Women Reach Out to Prisoners at the Bamenda Central Prison



Female staff of The University of Bamenda accompanied by some of their male counterparts have paid a visit to some prisoners at the Bamenda Central Prisons as part of commemorative activities of this year’s Womens’s Day celebration.

In a delegation of 30, the UBa Women Outreach Committee fellowshipped with women and juvenile inmates with empathy recently. Besides donations of items worth One Million Francs (1,000,000), the UBa staff cooked, ate, sang and danced with the inmates accompanied by spiritual nourishment and psychological counseling.


As explained by Madam Gwe Presquillia, President of the UBa Women Outreach Committee, “…we didn’t just buy or take what we wanted to take to them; we went to them and found out what their specific needs were. Based on that we established the list of things that we were to take to them”. The items among others comprised balls for the juveniles, sanitary towels, pots and food items.


Reaching out to those in need at Women’s Day celebrations has been a tradition of the UBa women as in previous years these women have donated to orphanages, offered assistance to Internally Diplaced Persons and intervened in a surgical operation of a juvenile to name but just these.

The women with the support of their male colleagues now look forward to a more impactful 2021 in the lives of the needy.