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Studies at UBa are Tuition-free for Persons with Special Needs


Persons living with disabilities and those with proof that one of their parents is physically challenged admitted into The University of Bamenda have been benefiting from zero-tuition studies.

This academic year 2019/2020 alone has enrolled 28 students of this category spread across different establishments of the university. This is all thanks to the visionary VC, Prof Theresia Nkuo-Akenji who ensures that policies are put into action.

The exemption of students living with disabilities and those whose parents are living with disabilities  is in conformity with Law No 2010 relating to the protection of persons identified as such and the joint Circular No 08/008/L/MINESUP/MINAS of 09/07/2008 signed by the Ministers of Social Affairs and Higher Education.

To benefit from this scheme, applicants with special needs must meet the following criteria:

  • Seek admission into The University of Bamenda
  • Obtain a letter of admission from the University
  • A photocopy of the admission letter and the INVALIDITY CARD (established by the Ministry of Social Affairs) of the student or that of the parent(s) living with disability are deposited at the Regional Delegation of Social Affairs for North West.
  • The application file will then be forwarded to the Registry of The University of Bamenda and the necessary steps will be engaged to exempt the students from paying the tuition fees.

Persons living with disabilities and wish to pursue higher education are thus encouraged to benefit from this window love and study at The University of Bamenda.